The Offended Brother


E. E. Perry



Sue Ė a girl puppet, the peacemaker

Bobby Ė a boy puppet, the offended

Christy Ė a girl puppet, the offender


[Skit begins with Sue coming on sage. There is some noise offstage like someone rummaging around. The noise catches Sueís attention. Bobby comes on stage and throws a toy animal.]


Bobby: Girls are such a pain!


Sue: Whatís wrong with you?


Bobby: Itís that stupid Christy! She done and did it again!


Sue: Done what?


Bobby: She took my kick ball without asking! Sheís always taking my stuff without asking!


Sue: Bobby, calm down.


Bobby: Calm down! [Louder] Calm down! Thatís the third time this week she has taken something of mine without asking! I'm sick of it, I tell you! I donít know if I can take it anymore! [Screams]


Sue: Does she return it?


Bobby: Well, yeah, but I wish she would ask first!


Sue: Have you talked to her about it?


Bobby: Talk to her? Um, well, no.


Sue: Perhaps if you talked to her about it, maybe, she would stop taking your stuff without asking.


Bobby: Hum, I never thought about that.


Sue: Jesus said in Matthew 18:15, ď..if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brotherÖĒ or in this case, a sister.


Bobby: So, Jesus said I should talk to her.

Sue: Thatís right. Perhaps she just doesnít know that she has upset you.


[Christy comes on stage, carrying a kick ball.]


Sue: Here she comes now. Go talk to her.


[Sue exits.]


Christy: Hey, Bobby. Hereís your kick ball. [Hands ball to Bobby.] I hope you donít mind me borrowing it.


Bobby: Actually, I do mind.


Christy: What?


Bobby: I really wish you would ask me first before you borrow my stuff.


Christy: Really? I didnít know you felt that way. Iím sorry.


Bobby: Itís okay, just remember to ask me first next time.


Christy: Okay, I will.


[Bobby and Christy exit.]

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