Beginning Teacherís Handbook


E. E. Perry


Whether you are an old pro or a teacher just starting out, you can always use new resources and information about improving your classroom environment. NC Learn: The North Carolina Teacherís Network provides the Beginning Teacherís Handbook that every teacher will find useful.

The handbook provides information on classroom management like classroom arrangement and organization. It is important for the teacher to provide an environment that helps their children learn. They give suggestions on classroom layout and even provide floor plans.

The handbook provides information about talking to parents, mentoring new teachers, and observing other teachers. Teachers that have been around for a while will want to take a young teacher under their wings and teach them methods to avoid mistakes that many beginning teachers make. A new teacher can learn a lot by observing the teaching methods of a seasoned educator.

Although the handbook is aimed toward secular teachers, the concepts are general enough to apply to Christian education. I used many of the suggestions in the section on classroom arrangement to greatly improve the environment for my first and second grade students in Sunday School.

I recommend the handbook for all teacher.

Beginning Teacherís Handbook

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