Memory Verse Games II

  1. Balloon Pop

    • Blow up enough balloons so you have a balloon for each word in the verse. NOTE: If it is a long verse, you might want to put more than one word on a balloon.
    • Write the word(s) on the balloons. Hang the balloons in the room in the correct order.
    • Have a pin handy during the session. Have the children read through verse several times.
    • Now pop one of the balloons, and have the children read the verse again including the word(s) from the popped balloon.
    • Continue to pop the balloons, having the children say the verse after you pop each balloon. By the time you finish, most of the children should know the verse.

  2. Fishing Game

    • Make fish shapes from construction paper. Write each word of the verse on one of the fish cutouts. Put a paper clip where the mouth would be.
    • Make the fishing pole. Dow rod works well for this. Tie either fishing line or string to the end. Tie a magnet to the end of the string. A donut shaped magnet works best.
    • During the session, put the fish in an empty bucket or wading pool. Have the children take turns fishing. The magnet will attach to the paper clip on the fish.
    • Once the fish are caught, have the children put the fish in order to create the verse. Have them say the verse several times together.

  3. Search and Find

    • Write each word of the verse on cards.
    • Before the children arrive, hide the cards about the room (don't make it too hard for them).
    • During the session, have the children find the cards and put the words in order.
    • Another way to play this game is to have the cards out in the open where they can see the words, and assign words to the children to find.

  4. Whose The Fastest

    • Divide the children into teams. Have a set of cards with the words to the memory verse for each team.
    • Have the children race to see which team can put their cards in order the fastest.

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