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Memory Verse Games

After years of teaching children in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, I have collected many fun ways for children to learn their memory verses. Here are just a few of my favorites.

  1. Pick a word
    • Have the children read the verse several times to become familiar with it.
    • Have a child pick any word in the verse. Explain that the word now belongs to that child. When the children say the verse again, only that child is able to say that word.
    • Have another child pick a word. This word now belongs to that child. The verse is repeated again, and the children say their “chosen” word.
    • Repeat until all the words of the verse have been chosen or all the child have their own word.

  2. Crazy verse exercises
    • Have the children repeat the verse several times to become familiar with it. Then have them say the verse while doing one of the following:
      1. Walking in place
      2. To a friend
      3. While holding your tongue (avoid in the cold and flu season)
      4. While holding your nose
      5. While turning around
      6. While hopping up and down on one foot
      7. While patting your head and rubbing your stomach

  3. Clap a word
    • After repeating the verse several times, have a child pick a word. When the verse is said this time, have the child clap rather than say the word.
    • Repeat using a different word.

  4. Erase-a-Word
    • Write the verse on a blackboard or dry-erase board. Each time the verse is said, erase a word. Repeat until the children are able to say the verse with all the words erased.

  5. Beanbag toss
    • Children sit in a circle. Child with the beanbag (or a soft plush ball, stuff animal, etc.) says the first word of the verse, then tosses it to another child, who says the next word.
    • Process is repeated until the entire verse has been said.
    • Repeat several times.
    • If a child drops the beanbag, have them start again at the beginning of the verse.
    • Explain to the child to not take a long time to choose whom they will throw the beanbag to. Like hot potato, the game should go quickly.

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