Object Lesson: The Power of God

Preperation: Write the greek word for power (dunamis: doo'-nam-is) on a strip of paper. Put the strip of paper inside a balloon and blow up the balloon. Tie a knot in the end of the balloon. Write the word POWER on the balloon.

Persentation: Read Romans 1:16. Show the balloon to the children. Explain how the air inside the balloon is creating force against the sides of the balloon. Ask the children what will happen if you push a pin into the balloon. (It will pop.) Explain that when you push the pin into the balloon the force, pressure, power of the air will split the balloon and cause it to pop. (Pop the balloon.) Retrieve the strip of paper. Show the strip to the children and explain that the greek word useed for power in the Bible is dunamis (promounced: doo'-nam-is). Explain that our English word dynamite is derived from this greek word. Paul is telling the Christians at Rome that the Gospel is the explosive power of God. It has the power to change people's lives like nothing else in the world can.

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