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You got your Sunday School teacherís guide from a great Christian publisher, right? Itís packed with more ideas than you could ever use, right? No? You say you could always use more resources and ideas to fill the time you teach your children in Sunday School. Well, have no fear! This month, I want to share with you some of my favorite online resources for Childrenís Sunday School teachers. has a bundle of resources for you. Everything from coloring pages, crafts, and quizzes to classroom management, lesson plans, and bulletin board ideas. You could spend hours browsing through their 100s of resources. The site is organized in categories, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.


Children's Sunday School Teacher's Online Resources

This site has a chronological list if resources from Genesis to Revelation. There is also a topical list as well. The nice thing about this site is being able to go straight to the book of the Bible that your lesson comes from, and check the available resources.


Children's Ministry Ezine

This site breaks its resources down by age groups and type. Many of the resources are free, but to get access to all the resources, you have to pay a $15 subscription fee.


First School

First School is geared toward preschool children. There are a lot coloring pages, crafts, and activities that you can use for both preschool and younger primary students.

This site is a great resource for craft ideas. They also have lesson plans, recipes, and activity ideas. They also have a great tips section with many great ideas and tips.


With these sites you should be able to find the resources you need to make you Sunday School a success. If you find other web site while browsing the web, contact me and I will look into adding them to this list.

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