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RCOH, or Remote Camera

Operator Hud, is a HUD that

provides 1 to 1 viewpoint

matching between 1 Master

Hud and Slave HUDs that the

Master HUD gives out.

RCOH allows a person who

has a computer capable of

filming (CAMERA), but no

time to film, to coordinate

with people who have time to


but no film capable

computers, and make videos.

Only the CAMERA’s screen is

recorded, and thus REMOTE

OPERATORS can have

anything they want on their

screen as only how the


position their viewpoint


RCOH is available for FREE by joining the FREE Zarrakan Productions group in Second Life, and either requesting a copy of RCOH to be sent to you, or waiting for a copy of RCOH to be sent out via group notice on the 1st day of each month.

Thank you everyone for your support during the RCOH Campaign, but I want to

specifically recognize the following individuals for their donations as RCOH would not

exist without their generous contributions.

Acegoodheart Nightfire Ayane Tamatzui Bryce Ketterley Chiyokotoi Resident ChristyHart Resident deth string futbul Hoof Heidih Himmel JoeSOMF Resident JoeSOMF Resident Kendra Chemistry Kieran Darkwatch Lilian Stoneshield mistybiatch9999 Resident Nyle Nightfire RaeLangly Whitesong Soulman101 Resident Vince212 Easterwood Zarrakan Yue