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It all started In the fall of 1970
I was married with three young boys
In up state New York on a Friday night
after work, on the way home from cashing my
payroll check for the week. Nothing had even
( been wrong with my marriage or anything)
when I came upon a friend of mine hitch- hiking
so naturally I picked him up and said( out of the blue)
do you feel like going to Texas so we did.
For 34 hours we drove Non stop to around Dallas
when we heard a forecast of the hurricane coming
to Galveston Bay, so naturally we headed for Galveston.
We arrived at the beach and parked the car In a remote
location and proceeded to exit the car, when We heard
screams from the waterline area looking out over the beach
We saw a woman standing on the levee pointing to the water
screaming my husband, my husband, over and over.
Naturally we went down to investigate the situation
( remember this was the 70's and life was easier)
anyway upon meeting the woman on the levee
we noticed her husband In the water face down floating
so instinctively I dove In to pull him out.
I was sure he was a goner but tried to revive him anyway.
Fortunately he came around just In time to take a ride In
the ambulance (where It came from I have no idea.) but
nevertheless It was there and they picked him up and drove off.
To this day we still talk about that moment and how much fate
played the hand In the decision To go for a 34 hour drive two places
unknown To both of us. After that It was just hell getting back home but
that is another story In itself .~Rich~