This page tracks the build progress of our Factory Five Racing Cobra Replica #2583 


Whitby Motor Cars

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Information Currently available:

03-17-01:  Donor Car Acquired

03-24-01:  Donor Car Teardown

03-24-01:  Engine Removal

04-02-01:  Finishing Up the Donor

04-15-01:  Rebuilding the Engine

04-22-01:  Picked Up the Kit - Wahoo!!!

05-01-01:  Getting Started

05-25-01:  Progress in May

06-04-01:  Starting the Engine!

06-10-01:  First Go-Cart  Ride!

07-02-01:  Wiring the Dash

07-17-01:  Finishing Up the Details

07-29-01:  The Body is ON!

08-14-01:  Ready for Paint

11-07-01:  Paint...Check, Carpet...Check

11-26-01:  Thanksgiving Pictures of the Finished Cobra!!!

12-21-01:  VIR Open-Track Event




4-15-01:  Family and Friends who have donated to "The Cobra Cause"

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