Fun with Cobras


This is a conglomeration of pictures of our car, and Rick Williams' car.  A lot of our pictures are from the Thanksgiving weekend, which was nice except for the FREEZING temperatures Thursday morning on the way to see the family.  Because there are a lot of pictures, the commentary will be brief.  I'll try to add in a little humor where possible...

1 Rick driver front fender.JPG (65983 bytes)
Rick Williams showed up at our house to show off his ride!

2 Rick front.JPG (62030 bytes)

3 Rick interior.JPG (61022 bytes)
4 Rick passenger front fender.JPG (60143 bytes)
5 Rick passenger side 2.JPG (62294 bytes)
6 Rick rear quarter panel.JPG (67545 bytes)

7 Rick rear top.JPG (61282 bytes)

8 Rick getting in.JPG (67287 bytes)
9 Rick leaving for a drive.JPG (82919 bytes)
Rick and William headed up to Greenville to check things out with Creamsicle Rick.
10 cobra LF.JPG (90905 bytes)
Our Cobra...William was getting it ready to go for Thanksgiving.
11 dash cockpit.JPG (53712 bytes)

12 passenger side2.JPG (73236 bytes)

13 cobra driver side.JPG (66687 bytes)
14 cobra rear.JPG (60369 bytes)
15 william and katie in cobra2.JPG (71185 bytes)
Thanksgiving Pictures... This is my Cousin Katie, taking a ride with my husband the speed demon.
16 william jimmy and mckenzie in cobra.JPG (79489 bytes)
William with my Brother-in-law Jimmy, and my niece McKenzie.

17 william jimmy and mckenzie in cobra3.JPG (69476 bytes)
Say Cheese!

18 Katie in cobra.JPG (52436 bytes)
Katie is about to turn 15... No she didn't drive the car, but she and Uncle Todd did want a picture.
19 william driving cobra in cold fog.JPG (37265 bytes)
William driving through the foggy, misty stuff on our way home... It was only mostly cold!
20 laurel taking picture from moving cobra in cold fog.JPG (34860 bytes)
driver rear.JPG (72841 bytes)
After we got home, William cleaned up the car to take more pictures...

driver side2.JPG (72312 bytes)

front top.JPG (68768 bytes)
front view.JPG (78652 bytes)
interior2.JPG (67507 bytes)
passenger rear.JPG (95356 bytes)

passenger side3.JPG (91814 bytes)

rear tire.JPG (85214 bytes)
For a few interested parties... here is what the wheels look like, now that they are on the car.
passenger floormat.JPG (89891 bytes)
Passenger side floor board...
hidden striker plate.JPG (70397 bytes)
Carpeting around the door latch.  We did this a little differently than other people, but it turned out pretty well.

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