I have been remiss in my duties as the mistress of web page updates.  I realize this, but I have to ask for a little break on this.  Mostly because the weather here has been great, and we have been spending a lot of time driving around in the cobra (not at the computer).  It has been great, except for the age old problem of long hair in a convertible, what is a woman to do?  Even if you pull the hair back, you end up looking like a deranged individual that should be living under a bridge.

primer front.jpg (29737 bytes)
This picture was taken by Jeff Collins of Whitby Motorcars during the body work process.

primer hood.jpg (30507 bytes)
They did a great job on the seams.

primer rear.jpg (31640 bytes)
View of the rear in primer.
painted driver.JPG (98820 bytes)
Well, October 16th was a great day!  We got the car, and the paint looked great!  Please ignore the picture date, the camera batteries were going bad.
painted front.JPG (75731 bytes)
View of the front end after paint.  It was begging to be driven....
painted passenger.JPG (114783 bytes)
Passenger side view.  Thanks to Jeff and Barry at Whitby's for a great paint job.

painted rear.JPG (83784 bytes)
I'm sorry to say that the pictures do not do the paint justice.  In the full sun it really shines, and the color is a lot brighter than it looks here!

painted cobra in garage.JPG (65478 bytes)
Painted cobra in the garage.  We still needed to install the carpet, and passenger seat.
laurel installing carpet.JPG (72015 bytes)
Being the smaller person in the family has it's disadvantages!  William thought this was really funny.  Since I had my head in the footbox most of the day, I found it a little less humorous.
laurel installing carpet2.JPG (57692 bytes)
For many hours afterward, my back was stuck in that hunched over position, but in the end it was worth it.  The carpet came out really well.
william installing carpet.JPG (61757 bytes)
Just so you didn't think I did all the carpet by myself... Here is William working away on the passenger side carpet.
I haven't been taking a lot of pictures, but we wanted to get the most enjoyment out of the car before it gets too cold.  We have been driving around after work and on the weekends.  It runs great, and looks great!  We still have some minor bits and pieces to take care of, but it has been a lot of fun for us.  We can't wait until the spring when there will be some cobra gatherings.

To our family and friends that have been supportive during our project...

 Thank you! 

Best Wishes, and Drive Safe!   - William and Laurel

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