December VIR Open-Track Event


We finally got a chance to enjoy all the hard work that went into the cobra this month when we drove the cobra 4 hours up to Danville, VA to Virginia International Raceway.  VIR is a 3.5 mile road course set in a very beautiful area almost on top of the NC/VA state line.  The weather cooperated for our drive up, which took place completely after sunset.  We stayed mostly warm  with multiple jackets, gloves, hoods, and a 12 Volt electric blanket we picked up at a truck-stop travel store.  William had a great time and learned a lot about driving the cobra through classroom sessions and driving-time with an instructor.  Dan Elam had his Spec Racer at the track, and ended up instructing William with lead/follow sessions on the track.   The car ran great the whole weekend  with only a minor park-light wiring issue that needed attention.  It's getting colder now, so the cobra will probably be hibernating for a while until things warm up.  Until next time....


VIR pit area.JPG (46359 bytes)

VIR paddock area

tech inspection.JPG (62759 bytes)

William dancing his way through tech-inspection

Dan's spec racer.JPG (72901 bytes)

Dan Elam's Spec Racer.  He was William's instructor.  RacerAl (Al Adkins) can be seen working the Jack.

William and Laurel in pits.JPG (84302 bytes)

Here I am in my cold weather clothes with William.

smith getting into spec racer.JPG (61840 bytes)

FFR was at the event with a couple Spec racers and a Coupe.

Rick's car.JPG (90852 bytes)

Rick Williams and Rick Burnstin (creamsicle) drove up Saturday morning in Rick W.'s car (wimps had the soft-top on) 

FFR coupe engine.JPG (92340 bytes)

FFR coupe engine. 

William getting ready to leave pits.JPG (95865 bytes)

William getting ready to hit the track.  Note the ultra-high performance 15" tires!! (just kidding)

vir on track2.JPG (75835 bytes)

William following Dan

vir on track.JPG (70848 bytes)

High-G maneuvering

Dan and William.JPG (43576 bytes)

Dan giving William instruction on how to stay safe and in control. 


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