Picking up the Kit

Our Trip and Progress for this Weekend

Well, this week didn't go quite as we planned, but we are having a great time anyway.  The rear end rebuild was supposed to be complete, but it turned out that the shop had to order some parts (or so they said).  Anyway, we drove down to the Marion, SC area to return the truck and trailer we borrowed, and to get William's truck back.  Although the visit was short we had a great time.  We spent Sunday working on the car, and then every night so far this week.

front suspension.JPG (64057 bytes)
Over the weekend, William worked on putting in the front suspension, and steering rack.

front suspension2.JPG (64942 bytes)
I didn't help too much, I was trying to catch up with laundry.  I swear there are gremlins that come into our house during the day and throw clothes on the floor!

front wheel.JPG (67459 bytes)
We got the  driver side wheel on!  It's the small things in life that make everything worth while.
front wheel2.JPG (64045 bytes)
Action shot of William putting on the passenger side front wheel.
front end.JPG (67940 bytes)
The front end looks pretty good.  At this point we had to wait on the rear end.  We had hoped to have it rolling over the weekend.
pedal box assembly.JPG (72833 bytes)
Modifying the pedal box assembly had me a little worried, but William did a great job.  Now we can sit in the car making VROOOM VROOOM noises.

master cylinder.JPG (47761 bytes)
After the pedal box, William installed the master cylinder.  Brakes are very important...

battery.JPG (36441 bytes)
When we tried to mount the battery from the donor mustang, it didn't fit.  So we went out and bought a new one.  It's a good thing since getting to the battery is tough!
coil springs.JPG (51560 bytes)
Getting ready to put the rear end on.... the coil springs are in place.
rear end.JPG (53382 bytes) On  Monday, we got the rear end back.  We cleaned it up and painted it.  At this point we were ready to put it in. (I keep saying we, but I am really just a spectator... It's better for our marriage that way.)
rear end installed.JPG (61824 bytes)
The rear end took both of us to install.  It is very heavy, and we both worried about one of use coming away with a crushed foot.
lugs.JPG (56861 bytes)
We were getting ready to install the rear brakes.
rear brake.JPG (56600 bytes)
Although it doesn't look like a lot of progress, the rear brakes were time consuming, but we wanted to make sure we got it right!
rear wheels.JPG (61812 bytes)
Rear wheels are ON!  We are ready to roll...
all wheels.JPG (52471 bytes) Done for the night...now we can really sit in it and make Vroom Vroom sounds
gas tank.JPG (58482 bytes)
Today, before I got home, William had installed the gas tank.  

Although we are only a few weeks into the build, we are feeling the magnitude of the project.  William is confident as always, while I am feeling just a little overwhelmed.  We'll continue to take things one day a a time, and well be driving around in no time!  

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