Progress in May....

Progress up to 5/25/01

Well, I know it's been a long time since I updated, and for this I am sorry.  I feel I need to explain though, so here is my sob story.  Try to imagine weeping in the background with violins playing.  In the second week of May we took a week of vacation in Fort Walton, Florida.  We spent the week with my parents, my Brother-in-Law and his wife, and we did get a short visit with my sister and her family.  We had a great time, but alas no work was done on the cobra.  Then last week William was home and working on the Cobra, but I was in New York on a business trip, so alas there were no web page updates.  Then this week, my schedule was changed and I have been working late... so again, there were no updates.  I am remiss in my duties as Web Mistress Laurel.  I will have to grovel for a while, but at least William has been too busy working on the car to notice that I haven't been updating the web page.  Nobody tell him..... OKAY?

wiring harness1.JPG (65410 bytes)
Although I didn't spend much time on the project, I did manage to strip the wiring harnesses of all the nasty stuff and cleaned them up pretty well.

stripped wires.JPG (109378 bytes)
It took me 2 afternoons of work to get all of the old tape off the harnesses.

steering shaft cover.JPG (67301 bytes)
William has put in the steering shaft and steering shaft cover.
fuel filter.JPG (68498 bytes)
The fuel filter and fuel lines in the rear.  I don't know much about it because William did this while I was gone.
rear fuel line.JPG (66993 bytes)
Routing of the rear brake line.
fuel lines2.JPG (82063 bytes)
Rear of car, and fuel lines around the tank.

fuel lines3.JPG (57448 bytes)
William worked on routing the fuel lines carefully.

routing fuel lines.JPG (56599 bytes)
Fuel lines up front.
front brake line.JPG (65771 bytes)
This is the front passenger brake line.
brake lines.JPG (63273 bytes) William did a good job on routing the brake lines, but I can't tell you how much I hate brake fluid!
brake lines2.JPG (71938 bytes)
Brake lines running to the Master Cylinder.  We had a fun time trying to bleed the system.
chassis update.JPG (65315 bytes)
Slowly but surely, we are making progress.
driver foot box.JPG (66156 bytes)
A lot of riveting has taken place.  This is the driver side footbox.
driver foot box2.JPG (68954 bytes)
Driver side footbox and master cylinder.
driveshaft length.JPG (64664 bytes) We had the drive shaft cut down to the specified length.  It used to be 4 feet long!
engine bay ready.JPG (70389 bytes)
The engine bay is ready for the engine!  We are taking a trip this weekend to go pick up the engine from my dad. 
current rear view.JPG (76398 bytes) Current rear view of the cobra. current side view.JPG (65255 bytes)
Side view of all the work that has transpired.
pedals.JPG (50676 bytes)
The pedals will be in use shortly I believe.  William is really trying to get the "Go-Kart" ready to go this weekend.
radiator and electric fan.JPG (81063 bytes)
Tonight William mounted the fan to the radiator, and got it ready to install. 
intake MAF and filter.JPG (57088 bytes)
Getting the MAF and intake ready to go.
 transmission tunnel aluminum.JPG (73210 bytes)
Riveting in the aluminum panels for the transmission tunnel.
garage picture.JPG (58744 bytes)
In spite of all the work, hammering, and cursing that goes on in the garage... It doesn't look too bad. 

As I mentioned before, we will be getting the engine back this weekend.  With the holiday on Monday, I think William plans on getting the engine installed, and running.  Then we won't have to sit in the drivers side and make vroom vroom noises, we can have the real thing. 

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