Starting the Engine!

Week of 6/3/01

So we got the engine put back together and installed.  Then we worked on draping the wiring harnesses over the frame to test it out.  We had a great weekend working on the wiring and engine.  We had a little trouble with the new ignition key switch, the first one broke after 3 starts.  William went out and got another one from NAPA, and it worked pretty well for a while, but also has a problem.  This caused there to be a few choice words around the house, but other than that we came away from the experience relatively unscathed.  It runs and sounds great, we are both very excited about the car.

ready to start.JPG (70434 bytes)
Back at my Dad's shop...  The engine was ready to start putting back together.  My Dad, Tom, did a lot of work balancing and getting everything ready.

manifold.JPG (66418 bytes)
 Valve covers, lower manifold, and the fuel were put back on.  It's starting to look pretty good...

manifold side view.JPG (70662 bytes)
Side view of the morning work on the engine.
pulleys mounted.JPG (68965 bytes)
It took a little while, but the pulley system is starting to come together.  William and I both did a lot of work bead-blasting, but he did all the painting.
side view of pulleys 2.JPG (73329 bytes)
It's almost ready to put on the transmission.
putting on the trans.JPG (74637 bytes)
It took four of us to steady the engine, and put on the transmission. (Although I'm not sure that my Mom and I count...we were just holding the engine in place)

transmission on.JPG (71987 bytes)
The transmission installed.  This should be fun trying to get home...We used a LOT of straps and tie downs.

passenger drivetrain view.JPG (76897 bytes)
Side view of the engine and transmission.  We are ready to pack it up and hit the road.
engine in truck.JPG (60034 bytes)
Here we are back at home... getting ready to take the engine off the truck.  That did not concern me as much as the mosquito problem.

getting ready for install.JPG (48831 bytes) Just a few more minutes and we'll be ready... (In truth it was about another hour.  We had a few bolts to fight with first.)

installing engine1.JPG (75322 bytes)
Needless to say, it was a little more work than we thought it would be to get the engine in with the transmission attached.
installing engine2.JPG (76717 bytes)
Although the pictures certainly don't show it... I did work and help. REALLY, I DID!
installing engine.JPG (74835 bytes)
We've almost got it!
installed engine.JPG (83459 bytes)
Aaahhhh, there we go.  Now we can relax a bit, the engine is in, and there were no fatalities.
engine in frame.JPG (80922 bytes) Time to get out the wiring harnesses...
engine installed.JPG (81994 bytes)
Engine and radiator installed.  We're getting closer.
driveshaft installed.JPG (68117 bytes) Drive shaft installed.  William did this on his own, so I really don't know how difficult is was, looks good though. transmission in tunnel.JPG (70913 bytes)
The transmission in the tunnel fits pretty good.  I think the shifter is a little forward from the cut-out location though.
arranging wires on dash.JPG (57339 bytes)
I am arranging the wires on the dash, trying to get ready to start it up.
wires everywhere on dash.JPG (95042 bytes) So many WIRES!!!
connecting aftermarket ignition switch.JPG (81699 bytes)
We had to install the aftermarket ignition switch because the old one from the mustang was shot.
checking fluids before starting.JPG (84013 bytes)
William made sure to check all of the fluids before trying to start it up.
ready to try starting.JPG (78808 bytes)
We're ready to crank it up.  Once we did it sounded great!  After it got late in the afternoon we put the side pipes on because without them, it's LOUD!
overhead view removing side pipes2.JPG (72795 bytes)
We didn't take to many pictures while we were running it, mostly because we were too excited to think about it.  This is William taking off the side pipes (once they cooled off).
front view removing side pipes.JPG (89233 bytes) Although it looks like a mess, we had lots of fun.  We're still working on the wiring, and have a lot of work ahead, but reached a nice milestone.

engine front belt view.JPG (93559 bytes) For those of you that are on the cobra forum... We did have trouble getting the right belt length for the pulley system since we are going back with power steering.  I believe William made a post on the correct belt length (since it took us about 3 trips to the auto parts store to get it right.

Now we are on to wiring.  We will be cleaning up the wiring harnesses and taking out the stuff that is not necessary anymore.  Also, we should have our seats in next week, which will possibly allow for a quick go cart ride.  We did test it out this past weekend to make sure the drive train works, but we only went about 6" in forward and reverse (it's pretty hard to drive without a seat!).  Take care and we'll update soon.

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