Go Cart Ride!!!!

Week of 6/10/01

Well William worked hard on the wiring this week.  I think he ended up taking out about 15 pounds of wire and unnecessary stuff.  I was working most of the time and didn't get to participate in the wiring as much as I wanted to, but William did well without me (much to my chagrin).  As a wife, I like to believe that William couldn't possibly do without me and my help / useful suggestions at just the right moment (like "The bolt isn't turning, did you try WD40 on it?").  Anyhow, things went well over the week, and even though we don't have seats yet, we took it for a short go cart ride.  All smiles ear to ear!

wiring computer.JPG (199768 bytes)
Working or sleeping?  You decide.....

install computer.JPG (176625 bytes)
 I worked on  routing the wiring to the computer and taping it up, but I wasn't about to drill the holes to mount the computer.  William had to do that!

computer installed.JPG (163510 bytes)
Computer installed, and the wires routed (mostly..)
ready to go.JPG (190907 bytes)
Almost ready to go... We just need to do the "Smoke" test.
ready to go2.JPG (219363 bytes)
Smoke test complete!  Everything still looks good - We're a go for launch (Sorry - I've been watching "From the Earth to the Moon" again).

going for a ride.JPG (188772 bytes) William is ready to go.  The annoyed look is because I wanted to get a picture and it was slowing him down.  You'll also notice that there are no seats yet.  This will come into play in a minute, but bear with me.  We took it out for a short ride down our street.  I thought I would get whiplash from William stomping on the pedal.  We got back to our driveway after turning around in our cul-de-sac.  I thought it was intentional, but he said it was his big shoes and that he was trying for the brake but hit the gas at the same time.  Well, I think that for 50% of the ride that was true, but I think he also enjoyed stomping on it a bit!

We stopped at our driveway to make sure that nothing was leaking, smoking, on fire, or generally not as it should be.  Then he promised if I got back in we would take a "nice slow ride down the next street".  Sucker that I am I believed him!  As we were driving along, he waved at some neighbors, as I turned my head to look and wave also, he realized that he was headed in the general direction of the pond and made a quick turn.  I had been holding on very tight, but had let one hand go to wave.  The ensuing commotion and outburst of the giggles as I went sliding across the slick floor pan must have left our neighbors wondering.  I'm sure they were also glad when we put it back in the garage, as we have not mounted the side pipes yet....loud...very loud...but GOOD! 

See ya'll soon!

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