Wiring....Wiring.... and More Wiring!


Okay, well the last update was to take out the unnecessary stuff in the wiring harnesses.  Well, as fate would have it, there is also a lot of work to be done to route the remaining wires, tie them up, cover them with plastic conduit...you get the picture.  So, we have been working on wiring for about a month, but it has all turned out very well.  It  was our moral obligation to take the cobra out for another go cart ride, and what a ride it was!

Laurel working on wiring.JPG (65561 bytes)
Now does that wire go here... or there?

labeled dash wiring.JPG (65830 bytes)
 It made things a lot easier to label all of the wires to go to the dash ahead of time. 

unfinished dash front.JPG (65256 bytes)
William worked for a few days to lay out the dash the way he wanted it.
uncovered dash2.JPG (62582 bytes)
This is the final layout of our dash.  It took about one night to wire it up, and double check to make sure everything was correct.
dash rear wiring.JPG (59212 bytes)
We were ready to go put this in the car and get everything connected.
dash wiring.JPG (78630 bytes)
Although in the picture it doesn't really look like it, the wires are actually routed pretty neatly.

unfinished dash in place.JPG (85401 bytes)
 So here is what it looks like with the dash in place.  We're getting there, slowly but surely! 

Laurel testing out seat.JPG (64474 bytes)
William mounted the driver seat.  We got the adjustable track so I would be able to drive it too.  I'm just testing it out to make sure I can touch the pedals... No problem!
dash seat and wheel in place.JPG (73038 bytes)
Now we have the dash, seat, and  steering wheel in place.  It looks pretty good!
cockpit drivers view.JPG (76896 bytes)
Driver's side view of the cockpit.  Notice the duct tape that is holding the dash on the left side...
serpentine belt number.JPG (60088 bytes)
I am not sure if this is the right place for it, but for anyone who is going with power steering, this is the belt number we had to use.  It took about 3 trips to Napa to get this right.

front engine shot.JPG (80864 bytes)
 It's looking a lot less like a rat's nest of wires now!

road test1.JPG (61046 bytes)
Of course with seats installed, we had to take it out for another ride.  Here is the proof of our journey...(William left 2 sets of tire marks on our street)
road test2.JPG (63116 bytes)
It was at 2nd gear and spinning the wheels that I realized..."Hey seat belts are a pretty good idea!"  But that's just me...

Well, it's been a month of working on wiring, and installing seats, and a lot of other small things.  We are still having a great time with it, and hope to be finishing it up soon!

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