Watch out... We're almost ready to go


Well now, it's a beautiful hot steamy summer day in South Carolina, but that doesn't really matter does it?  No, not a whole lot is able to dampen the mood as we are finishing up the kit.  William has made a lot of progress in the past few weeks, and continues to work pretty hard on it daily.  Things are pretty good around our house, and things are coming together well.

rear dash ref3.JPG (87658 bytes)
Now that we know everything on the dash works it is time to take it apart, and put the pleather covering on the dash.

rear dash ref4.JPG (75577 bytes)
 We thought it was important to take a lot of pictures so we could put it back together again ( even with the pictures, we hooked up some stuff incorrectly) 

rear blank covered dash.JPG (62874 bytes)
Getting ready to cut out the blanks for the gauges and switches...
finished dash closeup.JPG (66332 bytes)
This is the finished dash with all of the goodies installed.  I am really glad we got the Classic Gauge set!  It looks good!
gas pedal mod side view.JPG (48775 bytes)
William put some of that Clemson Schoolin' to good use, and modified the gas pedal.  The stock Mustang pedal was too "Twitchy" so he moved the pivot point.
installed gas pedal mod.JPG (57554 bytes)
William installed the new gas pedal modification and tested it.  It works great!

ground off rollbar weld stop.JPG (52493 bytes)
We had trouble getting the roll bar installed.  It did not fit together properly.  William had to grind the stop on the right mount to make it fit down and match up the the rear support.

trunk and rollbar installed.JPG (51569 bytes)
After the roll bar issue was taken care of, there was not too much cursing required to get it installed, and get the trunk aluminum in place.
engine rear wiring layout.JPG (78550 bytes)
William also finalized the wiring routing behind the engine.  It worked out pretty well.
light wiring cut and labeled.JPG (83070 bytes)
Although it is difficult to see in the picture, this is the headlight / turn signal wiring that has been cut and labeled.  That was my job (hopefully I did it right, now was that green the high beam, or low beam?)
O2 wiring harness and starter ground.JPG (61568 bytes)
This is a picture of the O2 sensor wiring harness and the starter ground.

inertia cutoff switch installed.JPG (56453 bytes)
 The inertia cut-off switch has been installed.  Let's hope that we never have to test if it works or not.

seats and parking brake installed.JPG (81120 bytes)
Now this is important!  We got the seats and parking brake installed.  I am really happy about this progress (see the previous page about me nearly falling out on one of our test rides).
creamsicle's car.JPG (63316 bytes)
Over the weekend Rick Burnstein and Rick Williams came over in the ever popular "Creamsicle".  It's a great looking car!  I love the paint job.
rick and rick and william.JPG (74429 bytes)
Rick Williams, Rick Burnstein, and William were going over our car to check things out.  We want to make sure everything is in good shape before we put the body on later this week.
rick burnstein.JPG (66338 bytes)
Creamsicle Rick taking a break from the long deliberations on Cobra details.

rick is bitten.JPG (58126 bytes)
 OH NO! Creamsicle has eaten Rick Williams' head!  That Cobra really does have a bite!

looking under creamsicle's car.JPG (63061 bytes)
Now they are looking under the car.  What they are looking for... I don't know but I think it's a guy thing.
rear trunk aluminum completed3.JPG (67979 bytes)
Today we got the last 2 aluminum pieces we were waiting on, and William finished the trunk aluminum.
tires waiting for rims.JPG (73277 bytes)
We've got the tires, now we're just waiting on the rims.  They should be here in a few weeks.
It has been a productive few weeks, and we are almost ready to put the body on.  Now we just have to figure out how to get it off of the body buck.  That should prove interesting, and I'm sure there will be some choice curse words uttered over the situation.  I'll give you an update on that later.  Take care, and drive safe.

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