Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty


So we're finishing up July with a big burst of progress.  We've been working hard to get things all finished up, and we're getting pretty close.  We've got the body on now, and all the little details are finally being taken care of.

getting ready to install body.JPG (88524 bytes)
We asked a few friends over to help put the body on, since it weighs a bunch.

lifting body.JPG (85819 bytes)
 We had a pretty good crew...Mike, Ed, Rick, William and Al.  Ed also brought his new wife, Christy, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture.  I was too busy talking...hmmm IMAGINE THAT!

lowering front body.JPG (81814 bytes)
Lowering the front of the body.
alilgning rear body.JPG (73550 bytes)
Lowering the rear end, and getting it aligned.  Where did everybody go, you ask?  They're all there, just going low profile at this exact moment.
body on in garage2.JPG (59518 bytes)
After the body was on, of course we had to stand around looking at the car, eating pizza and drinking beer and soda for quite a while.  We had a great time!
rollbar hole elongation.JPG (33055 bytes)
To get the roll bar to go in correctly, William had to do some fiberglass "Persuasion".

front body mount bolts and quickjacks.JPG (54968 bytes)
After the body was on, we had to get the front and side body bolts in.  This required alignment, which was a little difficult.

lower body mount bolts.JPG (57874 bytes)
The lower body bolts were the most difficult to get lined up.  I had to sit on the rear end to compress the bulb seal enough to get the rear bolts in.   Please keep comments on that to yourself...ha ha.
trunk latch and handle.JPG (49084 bytes)
William installed the rear quick jacks, and the trunk latch.  I think he had a bit of alignment trouble with the trunk latch, but it all worked out okay.
windshield install.JPG (76873 bytes)
We worked on the windshield installation for the better part of an afternoon.  The brass side pieces did not align well at all, but I think they look good anyway.
le mans gas cap.JPG (41909 bytes)
Le mans style gas cap has been installed, and the modifications were made to the gas spout.

BLOOD sweat and tears.JPG (40137 bytes)
 William can actually say that his blood sweat and tears went into this car.  Luckily I was not home for this, but apparently there was some blood loss.  I hope the medical detectives don't get the Luminol.

corner splash shield after 'adjustment'.JPG (56804 bytes)
The corner splash guard has a new shape after some more of William's precision "Persuasion".
rear cockpit aluminum.JPG (61991 bytes)
The rear cockpit aluminum is finished!
aluminum tape seals gaps.JPG (44839 bytes)
William used aluminum tape to cover the seams with small gaps.  We like to call them "Weather-proofing seams"
dash installed.JPG (70423 bytes)
The dash install went pretty smooth.  Also, we got the rearview and side view mirrors installed.

dash from rear with steering wheel.JPG (53621 bytes)
 It looks pretty good with the steering wheel in place.

transmission tunnel cover.JPG (52675 bytes)
We're getting ready to install the transmission tunnel cover.  It was tough to fit in on over the side pieces.
interior with steering wheel.JPG (64795 bytes)
The interior is finished except for the carpet.  Okay, well we do have to put the seat back in also.
rear cockpit aluminum finished.JPG (54437 bytes)
Rear cockpit aluminum is finished, along with the transmission tunnel.
cleaning up interior.JPG (63424 bytes)
After a long day of work, William is cleaning up the floor pans.  It felt pretty good to have the cockpit aluminum finished.

passenger seat wedge ramps.JPG (51022 bytes)
 These are custom designed seat wedge ramps, that will allow the seat to tilt back slightly.  It is a lot more comfortable.

driver side interior.JPG (58738 bytes)
The driver side also has ramps to incline the seat, as well as the adjustable seat track so that both tall husband, and short wife will be able to drive the Cobra.
driver side current status.JPG (49284 bytes)
The driver side door is on.  This is what the driver side currently looks like.
passenger side current status.JPG (58284 bytes)
The passenger door is also installed.  This is the current condition of the passenger side.
Well, we're entering the home stretch.  We are working to get all of the final items finished up, and get the car to the paint shop.  We are looking forward to being able to drive it for the last half of the season.  

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