The Home Stretch


Alright, so I haven't updated in a while, and I have been feeling a major guilt trip lately.  Well, we've had a lot going on, and were spending more time on the car than on the web page.  In any case, I'll try to make it interesting....

hood hinge underside.JPG (87415 bytes)
Installing the hood hinge was a little on the troublesome side.  It took an afternoon of fiddling around to get it on there.  This is the underside of the hinge.

Hood hinge.JPG (71199 bytes)
We got the hood hoop on, and then had to make some "Minor" adjustments to get it to fit up well with the hood.

Hood hinge mounting.JPG (76364 bytes)
Top view of the hood hinge installed.
rollbar mounted.JPG (67502 bytes)
We mounted the roll bar again to get ready to drive it.
driver sidepipe.JPG (55835 bytes)
William mounted the driver side pipe.  It seems to align pretty well.
passenger sidepipe alignment off.JPG (50050 bytes)
The passenger sidepipe provided a lot more trouble and entertainment.  It does not line up very well with the body line.  We'll get it fixed though.

front lights.JPG (75090 bytes)
I worked for an afternoon installing the headlights and turn signals.  It was not that difficult, but I did learn that fiberglass is very itchy.

rear lights.JPG (50436 bytes)
The tail lights took me the next afternoon to install, and I have to say that they would be much easier to install before the body goes on the chassis.
front radiator aluminum.JPG (72519 bytes)
William installed the radiator aluminum pieces.  We don't have too much left to do.
radiator aluminum side piece.JPG (90294 bytes)
Radiator aluminum side piece ( these things were hard to get in there without cutting yourself - or at least from my perspective).
radiator aluminum side piece2.JPG (66856 bytes)
Passenger side aluminum radiator piece.

LL cutting inteior insulation.JPG (76197 bytes)
 The last step was to install the insulation.  William drove the car for a week without it, and said he almost melted on I-85.  I was elected to cut this piece out...

installing insulation.JPG (78530 bytes)
We started with installing the insulation on the transmission tunnel.
insulation complete.JPG (94182 bytes)
Installing the insulation took us most of Saturday, we had hoped to put the carpet in as well, but ran out of time.
insulation complete2.JPG (97264 bytes)
Passenger side floor pan insulation (I'll be glad for this on my next ride in the cobra).
insulation complete3.JPG (110779 bytes)
The driver side foot box area was a little more difficult to insulate, but it turned out well.

carpet layed out.JPG (59076 bytes)
 We got the carpet laid out, and ready to go, but it will have to wait until after the car is painted.

cobra on the way to paint.JPG (42408 bytes)
Bright and early Monday morning we set out for Whitby's.  This is a picture of the cobra (incidentally going too fast for me to get a good picture).
getting ready to remove body at Whitby.JPG (59981 bytes)
Once we got to Whitby's we put the car up on jacks, and started dis-assembling.
body removal in progress.JPG (64277 bytes)
We started right away removing all of the pieces necessary to get the body off.
body parts.JPG (58701 bytes)
Body parts removed during the first hour of work.  We're making progress.

removing rear quickjacks.JPG (56504 bytes)
 William removing the rear quick jacks.

body is off.JPG (76438 bytes)
The body is off!  You can see it in the background on the floor.
car waiting for painted body and new wheels.JPG (53688 bytes)
Waiting for a painted body.... It should be about 3 to 4 weeks before it will be ready.  Thanks to Jeff and Berry at Whitby's!
Well,  we have been having a great time working on the build stage, but I think we'll have an even better time enjoying the finished product.  So far on the few short trips I have been on in it, it seems to drive great, and it is really quick!  Until next time....Drive safel  

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