Finishing Up on the

1990 Mustang LX 


Well, this week there wasn't as much work to do.  We had a little trouble with the bolts to get the rear end out, which caused a little cursing down in the garage.  Luckily though, we did get them out - well okay mostly William got them out and I watched trying not to laugh.  Maybe you don't understand, but it is hard at times to control laughter during a moment that may just push your loved one over the edge.  Anyway, we all came away from it relatively un-injured.

 starting on rear end.JPG (58877 bytes)                                                                            rear end removal.JPG (46528 bytes)

I tried to get a picture of getting the rear end out, but this was the best I could do.  William had to take his revenge on several stubborn bolts, and unfortunately was not in much of a mood for pictures (especially with his wife snickering under her breath)


rear end removed.JPG (49367 bytes)

This is the rear end, once we got it out of the donor mustang.  It looks pretty good, if not just a little dirty.  We checked the numbers on it, and it does belong to this mustang.  It currently has a gear ratio of 3.08.


removing front A-arm.JPG (59452 bytes)                                                                             front A-arm.JPG (46602 bytes)

After the rear end was removed, the front A-arms needed  to come out.  This was not nearly as difficult as the rear end.  I think it only took about an hour.


last wiring harness.JPG (72410 bytes)                         last wiring harness2.JPG (71178 bytes)                                last wiring harness4.JPG (69543 bytes)

There was one last wiring harness that had to come out.  It was not nearly as complicated as some of the others, but there were vacuum lines mixed in with it, so we tried to be very careful in labeling everything.  This was for the most part, the last thing we needed from the donor car.


Clean Up


transmission before.JPG (61978 bytes)                          transmission after.JPG (73062 bytes)                                transmission after2.JPG (66088 bytes)

After all of the parts were out of the donor car, William started cleaning up and getting stuff ready to go into the kit car.  Earlier this week, he took the transmission to a local shop which came highly recommended.  For $225 the transmission was rebuilt and seems to be working fine.  When it was still in the donor car, it shifted pretty well until you wanted to downshift from 5th back to 4th.  The mechanic cleaned it up for us, and the William decided to paint it.  You can see the before and after pictures above.  On the last picture, you can catch a glimpse of our dog Little Bit.  I have been told by outside sources that she has the real "Brains behind this operation".


Stay tuned for next week....




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