1990 Mustang LX 

Donor Teardown

This week, we made a lot of progress tearing down the donor mustang.  Following the manual from FFR, we have gotten through the removal of many things including the steering shaft, front wiring harness, rear wiring harness, gas tank, exhaust headers, and the computer.  We are currently working on the engine removal.  Since William is spending all of his time working on the project, I have been elevated to "Web Page Flunky".  So I'll be updating, until there is a family dispute on "The RIGHT WAY to do things"... I'm sure you all know what I mean.

dash wiring harness.JPG (45926 bytes) Front wiring harness                                 rear wiring harness removal2.JPG (62124 bytes) During rear harness removal


rear wiring harness removal.JPG (64219 bytes) Rear Wiring Harness                                  rear interior mayhem.JPG (53257 bytes) Interior was UNBELIEVABLY NASTY!!


rack and master cylinder.JPG (38230 bytes) Removed the rack & master cylinder          gas tank removed.JPG (54668 bytes) The gas tank is in good shape


rear exhaust loose.JPG (41901 bytes) During removal of the rear exhaust            h pipe removed.JPG (40388 bytes) H pipe removed


removing computer.JPG (76410 bytes) Computer Removal (cramped!)                   gutted dash.JPG (68512 bytes) Dash area has been stripped



wall of wiring harnesses.JPG (70882 bytes) "Wall of Wiring Harnesses"                         empty engine bay area.JPG (77359 bytes) Ready to take out the engine!




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