1990 Mustang LX Donor

*Bought in Greenville, SC for $2,500.

*169,000 miles, originally titled in Kentucky

*Original motor, trans, rear end.  (New clutch 1 year ago)

*Runs ok, has slight miss at idle and low RPM's

*Painted this year.  (wish I could have found it before they spent the $$ on painting)


passenger side.JPG (46492 bytes)fLooks good from outside.       driver side.JPG (69934 bytes)fDriver's side body also looks straight.


front.JPG (52272 bytes)fOK up Front.                                rear.JPG (49727 bytes)fNo damage to rear either.


interior1.JPG (59895 bytes)fHere is where things start to get ugly....


driver seat.JPG (46262 bytes)fHopefully not bodily fluid stains...   rear seat.JPG (42328 bytes)


passenger door.JPG (53098 bytes)fAll 4 door handles (inside and out) are broken in some way. 


dash.JPG (57756 bytes)fAC actually works.                  console.JPG (54395 bytes)  Busted console.


engine1.JPG (72888 bytes)fEngine Bay looks stock.         engine2.JPG (78915 bytes) 8mm high temp plug wires


engine3.JPG (63429 bytes)fMore Engine shots.                  engine4.JPG (75143 bytes)


radiator mount.JPG (69146 bytes)fHigh-Tech radiator  mounting system.  (tie wraps)


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