1990 Mustang LX 

Engine Removal

By the end of the week we were ready to take out the engine.  Although we were both really excited about this, we had to get an engine hoist to lift out the engine.  Luckily for us, my dad has a monster hoist that he agreed to loan us.  We drove up to my parents' house this weekend to pick up the hoist, and check on what is going on over there.  Although this diverges from Cobra Kit cars, it is pretty interesting.  Also since I am currently IN CONTROL of the web content here I thought some variety might be fun.  So - here it goes...


tom engine hoist pickup.JPG (47919 bytes) 

Since my Dad is stubborn, he had already loaded the hoist onto a trailer by the time we got there.  Although the picture does not do it justice, the engine hoist is pretty big, and we were a little worried that it might be too tall to fit through our garage door.


toms cooker.JPG (59834 bytes)

This is the inside of my Dad's hanger, where he and our family friend PJ are just finishing constructing a Mega Cooker.  I hear that when finished, it should be able to easily cook over 100 pounds of BBQ at a time.  I'm not sure if Dad is planning on coming out of retirement to become a traveling BBQ Bubba or what, but in any case it looks really cool (and HUGE).



toms glastar.JPG (50368 bytes)

Building Kits runs in the family I guess.  This is the Glastar.  My Dad, along with 3 other guys built this plane from a kit.  It is finished, looks and runs great!


tom pj and william.JPG (51894 bytes)new runway ramp.JPG (39921 bytes)

That's my Dad on the left, PJ in  the middle and William on the right.  We had a great time while visiting, and have appreciated all of the help.  Dad's shop is the future home of the engine during rebuild.  He has a lot of experience with rebuilding both automotive, and aircraft engines.  He volunteered to help William with the rebuild, and we are looking forward to it!


Actual Engine Removal



engine removal.JPG (59887 bytes) Ready for engine removal                                    moving engine on hoist.JPG (57393 bytes) Moving the engine


engine removal2.JPG (52386 bytes) Working together (really heavy!)                        engine on tire.JPG (68610 bytes) Trans. & Bell Housing removed


pressure plate.JPG (62732 bytes) Pressure plate & clutch look good                    bell housing.JPG (80688 bytes) Bell housing






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