Friends and Family

Family Donations...

William and I have been getting a lot of help from our families.  Hopefully, we will be able to call in a few favors from friends as well.  So this is my attempt to show that we appreciate the help, and effort that other people are putting into our project.  Thank you...

jack and mick.JPG (56558 bytes)
This is Jack and Michael (William's Dad and Brother).  We have borrowed the truck and trailer from them.

laurie.JPG (46012 bytes)
Laurie is Michael's wife, and a very good friend to me.  Here she is relaxing, and waiting for Faye to kick her out of the chair.

faye.jpg (61689 bytes)
As you can see, Faye (William's mom) won and got her chair back.  She has spent many long hours cooking for us all, and keeping us healthy to work on the project.
mom-1.JPG (64102 bytes)
This is my Mom, Carol, with my niece McKenzie.  Mom has also cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for the engine builders.  She tries to stay out of pictures, but I got her anyway.
grandma.JPG (55934 bytes)
I asked Grandma what she thought about the project, she said it would be okay "as long as William doesn't drive too fast!"
DCP00341.JPG (53552 bytes)
This is my Mom and Dad.  They are always more than willing to help.  We appreciate all of the help and support that they give us!
I will be posting more family pictures.  I may have a little fun, but I'll try not to embarrass family members too much...      

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