Picking up the Kit

Our Trip and Progress for this Weekend

So we had a great weekend!  We picked up our kit in Greensboro on Friday from Whitby Motorcars.  Jeff Collins at Whitby was a great guy.  He had everything ready for us, and actually let us test drive one of the finished FFR Cobras.  We had a terrific time, and made it back with out any problems.  Then on Saturday, William worked me to exhaustion.  We finally came in about 9:30 and collapsed.  I couldn't even stay awake for the Lennox Lewis fight....How crazy is that???

whitby's bldg.JPG (38087 bytes)
William and I took Friday off from work and drove to Whitby Motorcars in Greensboro, NC.  By the way, the camera date is wrong... I didn't figure it out till we got home later that afternoon.

really nice red.JPG (67823 bytes)
This was a really nice red body that Whitby's had just finished painting.  They do beautiful work and changed our minds from a dark green paint color to this candy apple red.

whitby silver.JPG (58780 bytes)
This was one of the finished cars at Whitby's.  It was a really good paint job, and had very expensive wheels.  I decided that silver doesn't let the side pipes stand out enough.
whitby engine.JPG (82565 bytes)
This was the engine compartment of one of the cobras at Whitby.  I was mainly interested in the steering shaft assembly.
whitby cars.JPG (57933 bytes)
That is the back of Jeff Collins.  He is a great guy, and was really helpful to us.  He had spent a lot of time with us to make sure our questions were answered.
red outside.JPG (63791 bytes)
Jeff rolled the red body outside so we could see the paint color in the sun.  We were completely impressed, and there was no doubt by this time that our car will be red.

laurel driving.JPG (54957 bytes)
Jeff let us take the blue cobra for a test drive.  William had been concerned about the manual steering rack (especially for me).  I did okay, but I think we're going with power steering.

loading kit.JPG (54551 bytes)
Loading the kit on the trailer.  It's funny that an entire car fits in 9 boxes (aside from the body and the chassis).
kit at home.JPG (72740 bytes)
We got back home around 4:30.  This was plenty of time to unload and smile from ear to ear!
 kit at home 2.JPG (87619 bytes) William was taking off the straps, and getting ready to unload.
boxes FFR.JPG (62965 bytes)
There are the 9 boxes that contain all of the kit parts.
body and frame.JPG (59537 bytes)
It looks like there will be a lot of body work to do.  
rick's wheels.JPG (69129 bytes)
While we were up at Whitby's we brought back Rick Williams' wheels.  He came right over to pick them up, and to chat for a while.
off trailer 1.JPG (48557 bytes)
Just as it was getting dark we got the body and chassis off the trailer.  I wanted to wait and call some friends, but William decided we could do it ourselves.
off trailer 2.JPG (43279 bytes) We got the car off by using several old tires, a pallet, a floor jack, some chain, a structural support on the house and just the two of us.
off trailer 3.JPG (47280 bytes)
I was worried, but William was confident it could be done.  This is the smug look to me "I told you so".  I should not have doubted....

off trailer together.JPG (41022 bytes)
We are together and very happy to have our kit.  We are building FFR-2582.  It is completely dark at this point,  but it's not time to stop yet!

in for the night.JPG (49353 bytes)
Pushing the car in for the night.

ready to go in.JPG (47304 bytes)
I'm tired and ready to go in.  It's about 9:30 at this point, and I was really hungry.
ready to go in  2.JPG (43881 bytes) "Okay you go on - I'll be up in a minute".  Famous words of many married men around the world.
donor leaving.JPG (62169 bytes)
Saturday morning, bright and early, Dave showed up to pick up the mustang shell.
donor leaving 2.JPG (72931 bytes)
Dave was using a come-along to get it up on the trailer.
donor leaving 3.JPG (84246 bytes)
Up on the trailer and getting ready to go.
donor leaving 5.JPG (80467 bytes)
Dave was a really nice guy, his son totaled Dave's 5.0 so he was going to use the shell to put one back together using the mechanical parts from his wrecked car.
making body buck2.JPG (70706 bytes) After Dave left, we ran out to Lowe's and bought all of the supplies to build a body buck.  I was in charge of laying out the patterns.
taking a break.JPG (44566 bytes)
After working really hard, it was nice to take a break in my favorite lawn chair while talking to our neighbor Al.
working hard.JPG (53887 bytes)
Coffee break's over - back to work.  William kept me really busy!
finished body buck.JPG (65888 bytes)
The finished body buck!  Let's hope my measurements were correct!
help from al.JPG (71743 bytes)
Again, William decided he couldn't wait for help.  He was trying to convince me that I could pick the body up over my head and get it over the body buck... I DON'T THINK SO!  So we asked our neighbor Al for some help.

help from al2.JPG (72620 bytes) Al helped us get the body on the body buck, and then chatted for a while.  We felt really bad because he cut his hand on the fiber glass so we promised him a test drive when it was finished, and he was happy.

body buck fits2.JPG (59113 bytes)
It appears that the measurements were correct and we have just enough room to get it in the garage!
measuring body buck.JPG (50907 bytes)
Measuring to see if the chassis will fit under the body buck... It's gonna be close!
chassis fits.JPG (55248 bytes)
The Chassis FITS!!!
chassis fits2.JPG (57341 bytes)
After a long day of work, we packed everything back into the garage and called it a day!
al-panel.JPG (54157 bytes) On Sunday, we labeled all of the aluminum panels, and got ready to take them off.
al-panel4.JPG (44817 bytes)
We took a lot of pictures of the panels so that hopefully we'll be able to put them back on again in the right place.
al-panel5.JPG (46075 bytes)
This is the passenger side seat area and footbox.
al-panel6.JPG (41708 bytes)
Passenger side floor pan.  Riveting all of these panels together should be interesting.  It may be a source of marital turbulence, but we'll see...
bare chassis2.JPG (74915 bytes)
This was after we got all of the aluminum panels taken off, but the chassis is still pretty dirty.
cleaned chassis.JPG (86401 bytes) After William cleaned the chassis we let it dry off.
cleaned chassis 3.JPG (79119 bytes)
Since it was about 82 degrees and sunny, it dried quickly.
build num.JPG (59063 bytes)
Inside the frame was the kit number.  Unfortunately I think either the welder or the paperwork person is dyslexic.  Our number is supposed to be FFR 2582 according to the paperwork.
ready for paint.JPG (81740 bytes)
We cleaned the chassis again, using denatured alcohol.  It worked really well for getting it ready to paint.
painted chassis.JPG (79389 bytes)
We painted the chassis.  I had to stop after a few minutes because I was wasting paint and making too many runs.  I put myself in the "time out" chair and figured we would all be better off for it.
painted chassis2.JPG (67668 bytes) After we finished with the chassis, we started organizing all of the aluminum panels that are in the background.

After all was said and done, we had a really good weekend.  We took an inventory of what we were supposed to have, and didn't have any major items missing.  We had a blast going to Whitby's and definitely will be buying some accessories from them.  We are both really excited, and so far have not run into any major arguments.  We are looking forward to making progress pretty quickly, and we'll keep ya'll updated.

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